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March Madness, Bordeaux Style

2011 March 29
by Mike

Michel Bettane, France’s leading wine critic, has written an open letter to the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux (UGCB) denouncing the en primeur charade. His primary beef is that certain critics, namely James Suckling, are allowed to taste the wines and post their scores before others, and he also expresses frustration that the chateaux are increasingly reluctant to let their wines be tasted blind. He says that unless things change, he will no longer participate in the annual barrel tastings. That’s not a threat to be taken lightly, and credit to Bettane for joining Jancis Robinson in exposing what a farce this rite of spring has become. You can read his letter on the blog of the Grand Jury Européen, and the GJE’s president, Francois Mauss, also posted an interesting comment here.

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  1. mauss permalink
    March 31, 2011

    So, now Sylvie Cazes has answered to Michel Bettane, telling that she has no such a power to give instructions to châteaux in order to follow some rules about the timing of EP.
    If her arguments are quite evident and clear, it shows at which level only Parker is important for Bordeaux since, obviously, if Parker had ask any kind of requirement, be sure Bordeaux would have worked hard in order to give him a full satisfaction.

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