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2012 February 23
by Mike

Tastes, they are a-changin’: Matt Kramer on what a trend in the coffee world says about Americans and wine.

Rhapsodizing about Rhys: Eric Asimov, one of the first to write about Rhys, pays a return visit.

Firsts for a First Growth: Château Margaux is experimenting with screwcaps and edging closer to organic farming.

Un verre au Château Blanc: More on White Castle’s foray into wine.

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  1. Jay S. Miller permalink
    February 24, 2012

    Many years ago, Robert Parker held an annual Xmas party for 20+ of his wine-loving friends/acquaintances. I met Charles Murray at a couple of those. I didn’t have an opportunity to discuss The Bell Curve but, having a Ph.D. in Psychology, and having administered many WISC and WAIS intelligence tests, I am convinced that they were racially biased. Whether revised editions are better balanced I am unable to say because I left the field 15+ years ago but I would have enjoyed the opportunity for a discussion with Dr. Murray back then.

  2. Larry Kantrowitz permalink
    February 24, 2012

    Hi Mike,
    Op-Ed’s from people out of touch with reality is entertaining at best.

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