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2011 October 5
by Mike

Robert Finigan, RIP: A prominent wine critic of the 1970s, Finigan’s lack of enthusiasm for the 1982 Bordeaux vintage ultimately cost him his influence.

Bankrupt Heiress Becomes Apprentice? Donald Trump bought Patricia Kluge’s Virginia winery, and she now works for The Donald’s domaine. I smell a reality show, sadly.

Wine without the shame: Matt Kramer urges oenophiles to stop apologizing for their love of wine.

You’ll fool no one, Alton Brown: Television food personality offers some really bad advice on how to fake it as a wine connoisseur (ask for a 1984 Brunello? Yeah, that will impress the somm).

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  1. John permalink
    October 6, 2011

    Nice tie in with the Alton Brown bit and your last post. Sad that even “food experts” are taking a swipe at wine experts. Nice, Alton, nice. Way to throw your peers under the bus.

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