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2011 February 28
by Mike

A good BBC report about hi-tech efforts to combat wine fraud. A magnum of 1921 Pétrus even makes a cameo appearance (but not Hardy Rodenstock).

When critter labels collide: hopping mad, the producer of Yellow Tail sues rival brand for wallaby infringement.

Alice Feiring steps away from wine for a moment to write a masterfully evocative account of a frightening—in retrospect, chilling—encounter.

First houseboats, now helicopters: more controversy at the Wine Advocate.

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  1. March 1, 2011

    Some excellent points here. Miller, though by all accounts a very nice guy, clearly doesn’t enjoy much credibility–his scores seem to carry very little weight with consumers–and these missteps only add to the problem. I have no idea how Parker will respond; if the past is any guide, he will indeed dig in his heels and dismiss the whole thing as another phony issue ginned up by unscrupulous bloggers, etc.

    I agree with you–I think Parker should have kept it a one-man show and limited himself to Bordeaux, the Rhone, and California. But obviously, he wants the Wine Advocate to have a post-Parker future, thus all these hires. It will be interesting to see what happens now that Galloni has officially been made the heir apparent. He is clearly a very bright, component guy, and he plainly enjoys a lot of credibility; I have to assume that if anyone can make this work, it’s Galloni.

  2. Bill permalink
    February 28, 2011

    The decline of the Wine Advocate empire continues! I’m curious to see if Parker distances himself from Dr. Big J, or if as usual, he digs in his heels, stands by his crew, and continues to tout the Advocate’s ethical purity. The changes in the wine world were already shrinking Parker’s influence, but the behavior of Squires and Miller is only hastening his decline.

    The smart thing for Parker to do at this point is fire the staff, re-brand it the “Bordeaux Review,” and make it the leading regional site for Bordeaux wine, with just himself as the critic. He’d still make a forkload of dough and would be able to walk off into the sunset with his rep more or less intact.

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